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Tally Kya Hai : The work of accounting is very important in any business, because on the basis of the work of accounting, information about the advantages and disadvantages of the business is obtained. The business is commanded by the work of the account itself, in which mainly Tally plays an important role, which is a type of software.

Tally software is widely used by most of the companies in India. So if you are interested to get a job in the field of accounting then you must have knowledge of Tally. In this article we will give youTally Kya Hai” And “what is the full form of tallyProviding information etc.

What is Tally? (What is Tally in Hindi)

Tally is an important computer related software. Tally software is used on computers to perform accounting related tasks in large offices and companies in India. Tally Software is developed by a multinational company named Tally Solution Pvt Ltd.

By using Tally software, individuals are doing important work related to their account. Under this, apart from doing accounting work, the work of calculation, bill generation and sharing work is also being done.

This is the reason that whenever it comes to accounting, Tally software is the first to be used. You can easily create graphs or columns on Tally software without any problem and record the data you have online.

Tally Full Form

TALLY: “Transactions Allowed is a line yards” is also called in Hindi language. It is an important software used in the computer, on which important tasks related to accounting are carried out. If you have learned to run tally then easily you can get a job of 12000 to ₹ 18000 anytime.

What is the version of Tally? (Tally Versions)

From its launch till the present time, many features have come in Tally computer software, which is available in its different versions i.e. versions. Below is the important version information of tally.

Tally 4.5

This version was produced in the year 1990. This is the first version of Tally. This version of Tally was based on MS DOS software. Although people did not get to use it much, because they knew very little about it.

Tally 5.4

It was launched in the year 1996 and it was shown as a graphic interface.

Tally 6.3

This is the third version of Tally computer software which was launched in the year 2001. This version was based on Windows.

Tally 7.2

This version of Tally Computer was launched in the year 2005. Through this, the rules of weight were implemented as well as many features were also added.

Tally 8.1

Many features were included in this version of Tally and mainly the data structure was given place in it. Apart from this, a new list of point of sale and parole was also given in it.

Tally 9

This version of Tally Computer was launched in the year 2006. The shortcomings of all the versions that were there before it were rectified in it.


Tally ERP 9 software was launched in the year 2009, which is the best Tally software till date. Through this, small to big works can be dealt with in a short time with fast speed, as well as the facility of GST has also been given in it. That’s why mostly this tele software is being used today.

What is Tally Accounting?

The process of working on Tally software is called Tally Accounting. Tally accounting software is commonly used in business to calculate financial payments of the company.

It is used in any company to manage the stock of the product or the cost incurred on the goods or to protect the information related to the product. Tally accounting is being used today in place of the old ledger account.

Who is the father of Tally?

You will be happy to know that Tally computer software was created by Shyam Sundar Goenka and his son Bharat Goenka in the year 1981 i.e. Tally software is the software of India country but it is being used all over the world.

Tally Computer Course Fees

Generally Tally Computer Course is of 3 months duration. However, in some places it is done for 4 months for better understanding. The fees for Tally computer course differ in government and private institutes.

To do this course for 4 months in a government institute, you need to pay a fee of ₹ 2000 to ₹ 3000, while if you do this course from a private institute, then you have to pay ₹ 5000 to ₹ 8000 filling is required.

use of tally

The person who has done Tally computer course can easily understand the language of computer and can also easily explain the accounting method in it to other people.

  • You can keep all types of data related to your business safe by using Tally accounting software in place of old ledger account.
  • The data stored in Tally computer software can be accessed whenever they want.
  • Tally computer software can prove to be very useful for maintaining one’s account.
  • Tally computer software can be used to generate payroll, manage stock, calculate GST tax and create inventory.

What is taught in Tally Course?

The following things are taught to any female or male person in Tally Course.

  • accounting fundamentals
  • principal of taxation
  • TDS and its calculation
  • data synchronization
  • Goods and Service Tax
  • company formation
  • balance sheet
  • bookkeeping
  • printing of check
  • bank reconciliation
  • credit limit
  • cost category and center
  • stock analysis and transfer
  • Understanding VAT and Excise Duty
  • Sales and Purchase Order Processing
  • Contra, Journal and Manufacturing Vouchers

Tally Job Salary

After doing Tally Computer Course, you get job in Inventory Manager, Bookkeeper, Accountant, Billing Manager, Tally Freelancer etc. Apart from this, you also get the post of data entry. The salary of all these posts is as mentioned below. However, the salary may vary according to the organization.

Inventory Manager: 3-5 lakhs
Bookkeeper: 2-5 lakhs
Accountant: 2-6 lakhs
Billing Manager: 2-5 lakhs
Tally Freelancer: ₹406 per hour
data entry: 12000 per month

How many types of tally are there?

There are mainly 7 versions of Telly.

  • tally 4.5
  • Tally 5.4
  • Tally 6.3
  • Tally 7.2
  • tally 8
  • tally 9
  • ERP 9

What is the function of tally in computer?

Tally software is used in the computer as per the requirement. Suppose you work as an accountant in a company and it is your responsibility to pay the salary of all the workers.

So in such a situation, you can store the data of which workers have been paid and which workers have not been paid through Tally software in the computer and can see whenever they want.

Apart from this, you can generate salary slips and if you are working in a warehouse, you can also store the details of how much stock is left in the warehouse in Tally software. In this way, it is used in the computer for different tasks.

What are the benefits of Tally?

The advantages of tally are as follows.

  • After doing Tally course, you can easily get a job in the field of accounting.
  • You can also do certificate course and diploma course in tally course and immediately after that you can apply for private job.
  • After doing Tally course, you can keep your own business account or you can also work for any other person.
  • After doing Tally course, you know how to run Tally software. In this way you can use Tally software according to your requirement.

Question Answer {FAQs} related to “Tally Kya Hai”

What does tally mean?

Tally is a type of computer software on which most of the accounting work is done.

When was Tally invented?

Tally was invented in the year 1981. It was invented in our India only, that is, Tally software is Indian made software.

What to do after tallying?

If you want, you can apply for government job or join private job or you can do diploma or certificate program in tally software.

How many days does it take to learn tally?

It takes 90 days to 120 days to learn Tally i.e. you take 4 months.

Can Tally get you a job?

Yes, after learning Tally, you can get a job immediately.

What jobs do you get by doing tally?

You can get the job of accountant. Apart from this, the job of Data Entry and Inventory Officer can also be obtained.

What is the salary after tally?

Different salary is given in every organization.

Last words (Tally Kya Hai)

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Tally Kya Hai - Full Form of Tally, Types, How to Learn


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