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In Hinduism, Lord Ganesha is worshiped first and is considered auspicious. Worship of Lord Ganesha is done at the beginning of work in the morning, which leads to success in all tasks. Worshiping Lord Ganesha brings prosperity in the house, progress in business and success in work. daily to get good results in life Ganesh Chalisa One must do the recitation of Ganesh Chalisa Path.

Shri Ganesh Chalisa with Hindi Meaning (Ganesh Chalisa Lyrics in Hindi)


Jai Ganpati Sadgunasadan, Kavivar Badan Kripal.
Vigna Haran Mangal Karan, Jai Jai Girijalal

O house of virtues God Hail to you Shri Ganesha, even the poets tell you to be kind. You remove the sufferings and do welfare of everyone, Glory be to you, Shri Ganesh Ji Maharaj, the beloved of Mother Parvati.


Jay Jay Jay Ganapathi Ganaraju. Good luck cashew nuts 1॥

O Lord of the Gods, King of the Gods, Lord Shri Ganesh ji, who does every work auspicious and benevolent, hail you, hail, hail.

Jai Gajabadan Sadan Sukhdata. Vishwavinayak the creator of the intellect॥2

Curved beak clean beard pleasant. Tilak tripund bhal mana bhavan॥3॥

Glory be to you, O Lord Ganesha who has a bigger body than an elephant, who gives happiness from house to house. Shri Ganesh, you are the Vinayak i.e. distinguished leader of the whole world, you are the creator of wisdom and the giver of wisdom. Your nose, which is curved like an elephant’s trunk, is beautiful. The three lines of tilak on your head are also pleasing to the mind, that is, attractive.

Rajat Mani Muktan Ur Mala. Golden crown head nayan giant॥4॥

Book hand ax trident. Modak enjoyment fragrant flowers.

You have a garland of pearls on your chest, you have a gold crown on your top and your eyes are also big. You have a book, ax and a trident in your hands. You are offered modak and fragrant flowers are offered.

Beautiful Pitambar tan Sajith. Charan Paduka Muni Mann Rajit6॥

Blessed is Shivasuvan, the six-faced brother. Gauri Lalan world-famous॥7॥

Beautiful yellow colored clothes adorn your body. Your Charan Padukas are also so attractive that even the minds of sages become happy seeing them. O son of Lord Shiva and brother of Shadanan i.e. Kartikeya, you are blessed. Son of Mother Parvati, your fame has spread in the whole world.

Improve Ridghi-Siddhi and Chanwar. Mouse vehicle Sohat Dharre8॥

Tell me the good news of your birth. very pure holy auspicious॥9॥

Riddhi-Siddhi are in your service and your vehicle mouse is standing at your door. O Lord, telling and listening to your birth story is very auspicious and auspicious.

Once upon a time Giriraj Kumari. What is the penance for the son?

When the yajna is complete Anupa. Then you reach Ddhij Rupa॥11॥

Once Giriraj Kumari i.e. Mother Parvati did a lot of penance to get a son. When his penance and yagya were completed well, you appeared there in the form of a brahmin.

The guest is known as Gauri Sukhari. Do you a lot of service12॥

You are very happy. Mother son Hita who did penance॥13॥

Considering you as a guest, Mother Parvati served you in many ways, due to which you were pleased and blessed Mother Parvati.

Milhi putra tuhi, buddhi vishala. Without conception, this is black.

Ganayaka, the possessor of virtues and knowledge. worshiped first, the form of the Lord.

You said that O mother, as a result of the austerity that you have done to get a son, you will get a very intelligent child and you will get a son at the same time without conceiving. Who will be called the hero of all the gods, who will determine the qualities and knowledge and whom the whole world will worship in the first form of God.

As is the inner form. There is a child form on the bed16॥

Bani baby, cry when you have to. Lakh mouth is not happiness Gauri samana॥17॥

Saying this you disappeared and appeared in the form of a child in the cradle. You started crying as soon as Mata Parvati was raised, Mother Parvati kept looking at you, your face was very beautiful, you could not find your face in Mother Parvati.

Gross happiness, happy village. Nabh te suran, Suman rainvahin॥18॥

Shambhu, Uma, Bahu Daan are looted. Sur Munijn, Sut Dekhne Aavahin॥19॥

Everyone became happy and started dancing and singing. The gods also started raining flowers from the sky. Lord Shankar Mata Uma started donating. The deities, sages, sages all started coming to see you.

Thank you very much Happy Mangal Saja. Shani king also came to see 20॥

Nij Avgun Guni Shani Man Maahin. The child, does not want to see.

Everyone would be very happy to see you. Lord Shani Dev also came to see you. But he was nervous in his heart and did not want to see the child.

Girija, please increase your mind. Festive peacock, not Shani tuhi bhayo॥22॥

Said Shani, the mind shook. Ka karihou, baby fascination appeared॥23॥

Seeing Shanidev being saved like this, Mother Parvati got angry and told Shani that you are not happy to see the child coming here and celebrating this festival. On this Shani Bhagwan said that my mind is hesitant, what will you do by showing me the child? Something bad will happen.

No faith, Uma ur fearu. Where to see Shani son child॥24॥

Falling, Saturn sight angle light. Bolak’s head flew to the sky.

But on this Mother Parvati did not believe and she asked Shani to see the child. As soon as Shani’s eyes fell on the child, the child’s head flew up in the sky.

Girija fell, the earth was distressed. So suffering is not to be described.

There was horror in Kailash. Saturn did not see the destruction of his son.

Seeing her child headless, Mother Parvati was very sad and fell unconscious. At that time the condition of Mother Parvati due to grief cannot even be described. After this, there was an outcry on Mount Kailash that Shani, seeing the son of Shiva-Parvati, destroyed him.

Immediately Garuda climbed Vishnu Sidhayo. Kati chakra so bring gaj shir 28॥

Hold the child’s torso up. Prana, recite the mantra Shankar Daryo29॥

At the same time, Lord Vishnu reached there riding on Garuda and brought the elephant’s head cut off with his Sudarshan affair. He put this head on the torso of the child. After that Lord Shankar recited the mantras and put his life in it.

Whose name was Ganesh Shambhu then. First Worshiped Wisdom Fund, Van Dinhe॥30॥

When did Shiva’s intellect test? Earth tax circumambulation linha॥31॥

At the same time Lord Shankar named you Ganesh and gave a boon that you will be worshiped first in the world. The other gods also gave you many boons along with the wealth of wisdom. When Lord Shankar took Kartikeya and your intelligence test, he said that the whole earth should come round.

Let’s go, forget the mistake. You sit down with your intellect measures32॥

Blessed Ganesha says Shiva heart rejoices. The sky showers you with flowers of the gods.

Take the feet of mother and father. Where are the seven rounds of straws॥34॥

As soon as the order was given, Kartikeya went out of his mind to go round the whole earth without thinking, but he found a solution by fighting with his intellect. By touching the feet of your parents, you made seven rounds on their own.

Your intellect has grown majesty. The rest couldn’t sing together॥35॥

I am a helpless poor man. Whom my law is your humility॥36॥

O Lord Shri Ganesh, your wisdom and glory cannot be praised even with a thousand faces. Oh Lord, I am a fool, a sinner, a miser, in what way should I pray for your humility.

Bhajat Ramsundar Prabhudasa. Jag Prayag, whose, Durvasa?

Now the Lord has mercy on the deen. Give me your devotional power38॥

O Lord, your servant Ramsundar remembers you only. Its world is Kakra village of Prayag, where there have been sages like Durvasa. Oh Lord, now have mercy on the poor and give your strength and your devotion.


Sri Ganesh This Chalisa. Reading doing meditation
There is a new Mars house. Lahe Jagat Samman

Samvat his thousand ten, Rishi fifth Dinesh.
Fear the full chalisa, Mangal idol Ganesh.

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