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There have been many such heroes on the blessed land of India who have set unique examples of patriotism from time to time by their strength and valor. There are many stories about the heroes of India that we know about, but there is no dearth of heroes about whom we do not even know.

some knights history remain lost in its pit. But one of the mighty, courageous heroes we know of Maharana Pratap Is. Which are indicators of valor and national self-respect in Indian history. Maharana Pratap’s name has always been immortal in history for valor and determination.

Biography of Maharana Pratap (Maharana Pratap Biography In Hindi)

Maharana Pratap had put his life at stake to save the land of Mewar from the terror of the Mughals. Born in the house of Raja Udai Singh of Mewar, his eldest son Maharana Pratap was given high quality values ​​from his childhood. Valor was in his blood. As brave as the child Pratap was, he was also a paternal devotee. Father Rana Udai Singh loved his junior son Jagmal very much. That is why they wanted to declare him as the successor of the state. Maharana Pratap did not oppose this decision of his father at all.

Maharana left Chittor and went to exile. While roaming in the forest, he suffered a lot but in the desire of patriarchy, he did not even do it. Danveer Bhamashah dedicated his entire treasury to revive the falling morale of the army due to lack of money. Nevertheless, he said that apart from military needs, I do not want a single pie of your treasure.

Name: Kunwar Pratap Ji (Shri Maharana Pratap Singh Ji)
Birth: May 9, 1540 AD
Birth place: Kumbhalgarh, Rajasthan
death anniversary: January 29, 1597 AD.
father: Shri Maharana Udai Singh Ji
Mother: Rani Jeevat Kanwar Ji
State: Mewar
Reign: 1568–1597 AD.
Rule period: 29 years
Linage: solar system
Dynasty: Sisodia
royalty: Rajputana
religious affiliation: Hindu Religion
war: Battle of Haldighati
Capital: Udaipur
Predecessor: Maharana Udai Singh
heir: Rana Amar Singh

fight with akbar

In those days, Emperor Akbar was ruling in Delhi, who wanted to hoist the flag of the Mughal Empire by subjugating all the kings and emperors of India. But Maharana Pratap, not listening to the Mughals, kept himself away from the royal splendor and continued to fight for the independence of his kingdom. In 1576, there was such a war between Maharana Pratap and Akbar in Haldighati, which is still an example for the whole world. Due to unprecedented valor and Mewari courage, the teeth of the Mughal army soured and hundreds of Akbar’s soldiers were put to death.

a chetak horse was great

Maharana Pratap had his favorite horse “Chetak”. In the battle of Haldi Ghati, without any helper, Pratap rode on his mighty Chetak and walked towards the mountain. Two Mughal soldiers were behind him, but Chetak saved Pratap. A mountain stream was flowing on the way. The wounded Chetak quickly overcame him but the Mughals could not cross him. Even today people narrate the stories of Chetak’s bravery.

Even after fighting all his life and facing terrible difficulties, Pratap did not let the self-respect of Mewar state fall and this is the reason why he is remembered even after centuries and his stories remain the pride of children’s books.

Maharana Pratap: A great personality

The name of the brave ruler and great patriot Maharana Pratap, determined to the supremacy and independence of Rajputs, is inscribed with golden letters in history. He was a great man of his era. Everyone respected him because of his qualities. Born in the house of Raja Udai Singh of Mewar on Jyeshtha Shukla Teej Samvat (May 9th) 1540, his eldest son Maharana Pratap had good values, knowledge of weapons and religion from childhood. Inspiration came from her parents.

Akbar was also very impressed by the valor and self-respect and patriotism of Maharana Pratap, who had a simple life and a kind nature. When Rana Pratap took over the power of Mewar, then half of Mewar was under the Mughals and Akbar was trying to establish his suzerainty over the rest of Mewar. Many families of Rajasthan had succumbed to the power of Akbar, but Pratap struggled to maintain his dynasty and did not surrender before Akbar.

Wandering from forest to forest, living in grass-root and grass-leaf loaves, he never lost patience, even while keeping his wife and child with him in dire circumstances. Danveer Bhamashah dedicated his entire treasury to revive the falling morale of the army due to lack of money. Nevertheless, Pratap said that apart from military needs, I do not want a single penny of your treasure. According to Akbar:- Maharana Pratap had limited resources, but still he did not bow down, was not afraid.

Battle of Haldighati

In 1576, there was such a war between Maharana Pratap and Akbar in Haldighati, which is still an example for the whole world. Pratap fought for independence for years on the strength of his 20,000 soldiers and few resources in front of the mighty Mughal emperor Akbar’s huge army of 85,000 soldiers. Akbar could not take Maharana Pratap captive despite continuous efforts of 30 years. Not only this, Akbar cried after hearing the news of Maharana’s death. When Akbar used to remember the battle of Haldighati, it is said that Akbar used to wake up while sleeping in the palaces!

The time of Maharana Pratap after the battle of Haldighati was spent in the hills and forests. He defeated Akbar many times through his mountain warfare policy. Although Pratap had to face many kinds of troubles while living in the forests and hills, but he did not give up his ideals. Pratap’s strong intentions foiled all the efforts of Akbar’s generals. It was the effect of his patience and courage that despite continuous efforts of 30 years, Akbar could not make Maharana Pratap a prisoner. Maharana Pratap’s favorite horse was Chetak, who supported his master till his last breath.

He may have to face defeat in the battle of Haldighati, but after Haldighati by organizing his power, challenging the enemy again was a part of Pratap’s war policy. Maharana Pratap recognized the power of the Bhils and understood the action of their sudden attack and had put the Mughal army in difficulties many times due to their guerilla warfare method. He continued his freedom struggle throughout his life. He was loved by the masses for his bravery, generosity and good qualities. He was a true Kshatriya warrior, he showed his huge heart by respectfully sending back the Begums captured by Amar Singh.

Maharana Pratap: Scholar and Poet

Maharana Pratap was also fond of architecture, art, language and literature. He himself was a scholar and a poet. Many scholars and litterateurs had shelter during his reign. During his reign, he reorganized the villages destroyed in the war. The credit for making the new capital Chavand more attractive goes to Maharana Pratap. The indelible impression of Kumbh-era architecture can be seen on the buildings of the capital. The composition of the character of Padmini and the poems of Dursa Adha have made the era of Maharana Pratap immortal even today.

Maharana Pratap had the qualities of a good general as well as the qualities of a good administrator. Akbar was also saddened by the death of the brave Maharana Pratap, who fought for a long time with a power like Akbar with his limited resources. Even feelings like Akbar’s high ambition, administrative dexterity and limitless means could not defeat Maharana Pratap’s indomitable valor, courage and bright fame. Eventually, Maharana Pratap died at Chavand on 19 January 1597 due to injuries sustained during hunting.

Even today, the name of Maharana Pratap is a source of inspiration for innumerable Indians. The self-respect of Rana Pratap is the capital of Mother India. He is the glory of immortal immortality and the sun of victory for humanity. The patriotism of Rana Pratap is an indelible streak of stone. The nation salutes such a mighty son of Mother India, Maharana Pratap.

Some interesting information about Maharana Pratap

  • Maharana Pratap used to cut the enemy soldier including the horse in one stroke.
  • When Ibrahim Lincoln was visiting India. Then he asked his mother – what did you bring from India for you? Then the mother’s answer was received – “Bring a handful of dust from Haldi Ghati, the heroic land of that great country, where the king was so loyal to his subjects that he chose his motherland instead of half India.” But unfortunately that tour was cancelled. You can read this in the book “Book of President USA”.
  • The weight of Maharana Pratap’s spear was 80 kg and the weight of the armor was also 80 kg. If the weight of armor, spear, shield, and sword in hand were combined, the total weight was 207 kg.
  • Even today Maharana Pratap’s sword, armor, etc., are preserved in the museum of the Udaipur royal family.
  • Akbar had said that if Rana Pratap bowed down before me, he would be the heir of half India, but the emperor would remain with Akbar. But Maharana Pratap refused to accept any subordination.
  • In the battle of Haldi Ghati, there were 20,000 soldiers from Mewar and 85000 soldiers from Akbar’s side participated in the war.
  • There is also a temple of Maharana Pratap’s horse Chetak, which is still safe in the Haldi Ghati.
  • When Maharana Pratap left the palaces, thousands of people of the Luhar caste also left the house with him and made swords for Rana’s army day and night. This society is today called Gadhiya Lohar in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. I salute such people.
  • Swords were found in the lands there even after 300 years of the Battle of Haldi Ghati. The last time a stock of swords was found was in 1985 in Haldi Ghati.
  • Maharana Pratap was taught weapons by “Shri Jaimal Mertiya ji”, who fought with 60000 Muslims with 8000 Rajput heroes. 48000 were killed in that war. In which there were 8000 Rajputs and 40000 Mughals.
  • Akbar also wept on the death of Maharana.
  • The tribal Bhil community of Mewar had trampled Akbar’s army with their arrows in the Haldi Ghati. He considered Maharana Pratap as his son and Rana lived with him without any discrimination. Even today there are Rajputs on the emblem of Mewar on one side and Bhils on the other.
  • Maharana Pratap’s horse Chetak Maharana attained heroic speed after crossing a river of 26 feet. Even after breaking one of his legs, he crossed the river. Where he was injured, today there is a tree named Khodi Tamarind, where Chetak died, there is a Chetak temple.
  • Rana’s horse Chetak was also very powerful, the trunk of an elephant was put in front of his mouth to confuse the elephants of the enemy. These were two horses named Hetak and Chetak.
  • Before dying, Maharana Pratap had regained 85% of his lost Mewar. Leaving gold, silver and palaces, he roamed in the forests of Mewar for 20 years.
  • Maharana Pratap weighed 110 kg and was 7’5″, carrying a two-sheathed sword and 80 kg spear in his hand.

Story of Maharana Pratap’s Elephant

Maharana Pratap also had an elephant. Whose name was Ramprasad. The Ramprasad elephant is mentioned in one of his texts by Al-Badayuni, who fought in the battle of Haldighati on behalf of the Mughals. He has written that – When Akbar had attacked Maharana Pratap, then he had demanded that only two things should be taken prisoner. One is Maharana Pratap himself and the other is his elephant Ramprasad.

Further al-Badayuni writes that – that elephant was so intelligent and powerful that he alone killed 13 elephants of Akbar in the battle of Haldighati. He further writes that – To catch that elephant, we made a Chakravyuha of 7 big elephants and made 14 Mahavats sit on them, then they could go somewhere and take him captive. Now listen to the devotion of Swami of an Indian animal. Present that elephant to Akbar. to be done . Where Akbar named him Pirprasad.

The Mughals gave sugarcane and water to Ramprasad. But that devoted elephant neither ate the grain of the Mughals nor drank water for 18 days and he became a martyr. Then Akbar had said that – whose elephant I could not bow down in front of me, what will I be able to bow down to that Maharana Pratap?

The name of the brave ruler and great patriot Maharana Pratap, determined to the supremacy and independence of Rajputs, is inscribed with golden letters in history. Maharana Pratap was a great man of his era. Everyone respects him because of his qualities. In the morning, on the “Sacrifice Day -19 January” of the memorable Kshatriya Kulbhushan Veer Shiromani Sanatan Dharma Rakshak Ekling Dewan “Shri Maharana Pratap”, salute to the true heroic son of Mother India.

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