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12 Months Running Business: Hello friends, are you also looking for 12 months running business, then this article will prove to be very important and beneficial for you. In this we will tell about 15 business which run for 12 months. As we all know, the unemployment rate is increasing in our country, to reduce it, many people are starting their own business.

If you also have such an idea, then you can also start your business. Some people are not satisfied with their job and set up their own business.

This gives them many advantages. This business can be online or offline, so let’s know “12 Months Running Business”

12 Months Running Business | sustainable business

Coaching Center

12 Months Running Business |  sustainable business

At present, the trend of competitive exams is increasing. Today, for every job, competitive exams have to be given. For this, they go to different cities and do coaching. If you have interest in teaching then this business will prove beneficial. You can open your own coaching center and teach children.

As students enter your coaching center, your value will also increase and people will take admission in coaching center. One has to go to coaching center for important exams like UPSC, PSC, SCC etc. Due to increasing competition, coaching centers are opening day by day in every field. Today the coaching center is being run online or offline as well.

grocery store

12 Months Running Business |  sustainable business

We need many things for our daily life, such as pulses, flour, salt, rice, etc. These are the basic things that we use every day.

We store it on a small or large scale so that we do not need to go to the market every day to buy it.

If you open a grocery store on the side of your nearest road or in the area where you are living, then it will continue to run for 12 months because we store such important things in the grocery store.

Whatever people need, whether it is a recession or any kind of disaster, but the grocery store never closes. In this you sell goods with very less margin and earn more profit from it.

Tour And Travel Agency

12 Months Running Business |  sustainable business

Opening a travel agency is a great idea, you can open a tour and travel company. It does not have much experience and educational requirements. This is also a 12 months running business.

Today everyone likes to travel. People keep planning to travel from time to time, that is why they use bus or car.

Such families require a travel agency that provides them with a package of food, train or flight, etc., which is available for very little money.

At present, people live in so much tension that they feel the need to travel every month. If you take such a travel agency, then you can take them around the world so that their tension can be reduced further and they can feel at peace.

Mobile Accessories & Repairing

12 Months Running Business |  sustainable business

In the 21st century, mobile phone is available with everyone in every village and city. People are using technology more and more.

Mobile is playing an important role in this because through mobile we prefer to do social media or other online work as it takes very less time.

As we use the mobile, defects also start coming in it. For this we go to the nearest mobile repairing center and get our mobile repaired there.

That’s why there is a mobile accessories and repairing business idea that lasts for 12 months. If you open it, your financial condition will improve and you will progress day by day.

start your own bakery

12 Months Running Business |  sustainable business

This is also a business idea that lasts for 12 months because the demand for bakery items like pastries, chocolates, candies and biscuits remains constant every season, so it becomes a source of additional income for you.

It doesn’t even require much experience, it can be run easily by any man or woman.

You can also order delivery of these products online. This is a business that can never stop. You open the bakery at such a place where people keep coming and going and it is mandatory to have a road around them.

Because people should not face any kind of problem to reach the bakery so we can say that this is a 12 months running business.

content writing or blogging

12 Months Running Business |  sustainable business

Ever since the internet and computers have come, since then content writing and blocking have started earning a lot. People get information through Google in a very short time. The credit for this goes to the website and blogging.

Writing a blog requires a content writer who can write good content for these websites sitting at home and earn more money in less time.

This business is also a 365 day business. Apart from this, you can also get additional income through advertising agency and affiliate marketing.

Agarbatti Industry

12 Months Running Business |  sustainable business

This is an industry that can be started with very little money. It can be run by any person, male or female. For this only incense stick making machine should be there which comes around ₹ 100000.

You can sell it in wholesale by making incense sticks. This is also a 12 months running business idea because in our country almost every house has God’s worship and festivals. In which incense sticks play an important role.

cafe or restaurant

12 Months Running Business |  sustainable business

Nowadays everyone likes to go to cafes or restaurants. Because the facilities of food trucks, hotels and small radios like golgappas, charts etc. are available here.

Everyone likes to eat it. When we go out, we always stop at restaurants to eat something, so this is a business idea that works 365 days.

You can give a design to your kaise or restaurant that attracts the youth as youth or couples like to go in all of these. In this, a separate place is available for the couple to sit, no one disturbs them.

gym or fitness center

12 Months Running Business |  sustainable business

In this running and running life, people do not pay attention to their health, due to which they start getting many serious diseases, but for some years people have started paying attention to their fitness. If you also open a gym or fitness center, it will continue to run regularly.

It will require a little investment but it is a business that provides more profit in less time. In big cities and metros, people prefer to go to gyms.

There they make their body through the trainer and keep their body fit, so we can say that this is a 12 months running business.

vegetable selling business

It can be started with very little cost. If you want to sell vegetables in your nearby area then you can do it. No license is required for this. People need vegetables for 365 days.

If you have good and fresh vegetables in your shop then people will like to come to your shop. With this, you can earn more profit in less time. As the business grows, you will keep vegetables in your vegetable shop.

clothing selling business

Clothing is also one of our basic needs. Our country has a tradition of buying clothes on the basis of many festivals and seasons, so we need clothes for about 12 months. We can start the business of selling clothes.

You can earn more profits by starting this business at a very low cost. We get a profit of 20 to 25%, if your shop is in a good location, then this profit increases even more. The business of selling clothes is such an idea that keeps running for 12 months.

Tiffin Service Center

In today’s era, whether you are working or studying, we do not have time to cook food, so we look for such tiffin service center which provides good food.

Good earning is done through tiffin service center but before starting it you need license.

In this, you have to pay tiffin box and worker’s fees in the initial phase and in the initial phase you should have cooking tools and equipment. In this you can earn a profit of 30 to 40%. If more customers are added to it, then your profit increases even more.

Photography Center

At present, people keep posting good photos on their social media. For this, photography has become such a business that makes the photos of these people better. If you can do good editing then this business is very beneficial for you.

In this, you should have experience of camera, computer and editing. There are many companies and brands who look for good photographers to sell their products. If you have this skill then you can have a bright future in photography.

Investment Management Company

People keep investing their earnings in many places. Prominent among them are the stock market and the forex market. If you have experience of all these then you can open an investment company. Who advise such people to invest.

Those who want to invest their money in the stock market but need a license to run it. When the customer gets profit, he gives something like this to you, in this way it is also a 12 months running business.

real estate agent

There is a possibility of making a lot of profit in this. This is a business in which you must have real estate related experience. You work closely with a company that only builds buildings and sells flats.

With this, you work between the customer and the company, through this you get some money for the deal, in this way you can earn more money in less time.

What are the things to keep in mind while starting a business?

In this, it is mandatory for you to take care of the following things which are as follows:-

  • If we start a new business then its market analysis should be done.
  • Prepare us the business project properly.
  • Less capital should be invested in the business.
  • Take proper care of the location.
  • Business promotion is essential.
  • You should be aware of the competitors of the business you are starting.
  • Raw material should be arranged to prepare the product.

How to make your business successful?

To make the business successful, the following methods should be adopted, which are as follows: –

  • Risk taking ability
  • patience skills
  • One should always keep learning.
  • Don’t be afraid of trouble.
  • Comfort zone should be abandoned.
  • Having confidence is essential.
  • Financial help should be taken if needed.
  • Depend on advertising.
  • The quality of your product should be maintained.
  • Money management should be good.
  • There should be teamwork.

Questions and Answers Related to “12 Month Business” {FAQs}

Which is the most profitable business?

The most successful business is that of restaurants.

What should I do to start my own business?

Starting your own business requires an idea and finance.

Which is the most running business in the village?

Most of the grocery shop business runs in the village.

Which is the 365 day running business?

The 365 days running business is of vegetable and grocery shop.

Which is the fastest growing business in India?

Textile business is the most running business in India.

Which is the best business nowadays?

Nowadays the best mobile repairing and restaurant business.

Which is the easiest business?

The simplest business is that of a grocery store.

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12 Months Running Business |  sustainable business


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